A basic introduction to PRESENTA

posted on 5/14/2022, in tutorial

In this post you’ll be guided to create a basic dynamic banner (just text) that you can integrate easily in email platforms and website as well.

A simple text banner

In this case we’re going to create a dynamic banner to use within Mailchimp platform. Mailchimp uses the so-called Merge Tags to personalize the body of the email. We are going to use the same tags in PRESENTA.

Once you’ve create a new Project and an empty Frame, add a Text Block:

Then, open the testing panel to try the API:

You can play with different value:

then add the Mailchimp Merge Tags and copy the URL:

Here the copied URL used within a Mailchimp campaign:

Finally, the email received in the inbox:

Using parameters

To extend a little bit the previous example discovering more capabilities, let’s add a parameter within the Text Block in order to have more control of the output.

In this case a sentence gets updated with the passing value, that represent only a name and not the whole sentence. Furthermore, a different text style can be added on a specific portion of the text (for the name in this case).

We need to update the API template opening the API panel:

Next, we need to add a custom parameter specifing the parameter name and value as well:

Now, as before, to integrate it in other platform, just copy/paste the URL of the template.