Pay-per-Use at

0.01€ × Credit

No monthly or fixed fee.

Stripe fee added if less than 10€/month.
VAT added if applicable.

Frequently Asked Questions:

+ What can I do with 1 Credit?

Here the answer:

  • 1 Credit can generate 1 PNG file.
  • 1 Credit can generate 1 Page of a multi-page PDF file.
  • 1 Credit can generate 1 Frame of a multi-frame GIF file.

For instance:

  • A PDF with 20 pages, once generated, will count 20 Credits, therefore, will cost 0.2€.
  • An animated GIF composed by 8 frames will count 8 Credits, therefore, will cost 0.08€.
  • A single PNG will always count 1 Credit, therefore, will cost 0.01€.
  • If you export a 30 scenes project as PNGs, it'll count 30 Credits, therefore, will cost 0.3€
+ Why the Stripe fee?

Stripe handles the payment transaction and billing for us.

Since our true pay-per-use pricing model, the Stripe' fee needs to be added for small collected amounts.

For instance, for a 3.00€ amount, here what we're going to charge:

  • As an european, we'll charge 3.29€
  • As non-european, we'll charge 3.34€

For months that collect more than 10€ the Stripe' fee will be deducted.

You can review the current Stripe fee on their website.

+ How can I monitor my costs?

In the Profile section you can see the usage' dashboard to monitor in real-time the generation amount as well as its current cost.

In any case, before any charge, we'll inform you few days before of the upcoming operation.
We call it No-Surprise policy.

+ Tell me about FREE and PRO plans.

By creating an account you'll be set as FREE plan by default that allows you to:

  • Use the Visual Editor to create, manage and publish Templates.
  • Use the Cloud API with your Templates with a watermark applied.

By adding a Credit-Card to your account you'll be set as PRO that allows to:

  • Use the Cloud API with your Templates without watermark.
  • Unlock additional features in the Visual Editor (such as import/export).
+ How much cost the CDN cache?

Each generated file will be available for download within the current month by our fast CDN for FREE!

Need high volume pricing? Contact us!