Pay As You Go!

0.01€ × Credit

No monthly or fixed fee.

VAT added if applicable.

Frequently Asked Questions:

+ What can I do with 1 Credit?
  • You need 1 Credit to generate 1 Image.
  • You need 5 Credits to generate 1 Image with the Daily-Cache CDN end-point.
  • You need 50 Credits to generate 1 Image with the Monthly-Cache CDN end-point.

Some real-world examples:

  • Newsletter: Send a newsletter to 1000 recipients with a personalized banner and 400 of them open the email, it costs 4€.
  • Social Media: Generating images for social-media post twice per day with a generated media-image costs 0.6€ a month.
  • Open-Graph: A website with 200 articles and 100 are shared within the current month with a generated social preview (open-graph) costs 1€ a month.
  • Landing Page 1: Using a dynamic banner (that update itself every day) on a landing page (using the Daily-Cache) costs 1.5€.
  • Landing Page 2: Using 2 dynamic banners (that update themself every month) on a landing page (using the Monthly-Cache) costs 1€.
+ How can I monitor my costs?

In your Profile section you can see the API Usage dashboard to monitor in real-time the consumed credits as well as the current cost.

In any case, before any charge, we'll inform you few days before of the upcoming operation.
We call it No-Surprise policy.

+ Tell me about FREE and PRO plans.

By creating an account you'll be set as FREE plan by default that allows you to:

  • Import Figma design, manage and publish Templates.
  • Use all the end-points and the features of the Platform.
  • Every generated image will have a watermark applied and a resolution limit.

By adding a Credit-Card to your account you'll be set as PRO that allows to:

  • Remove the watermark and other Free plan limitations.
  • Use the GPT-3 prompt for text generation in the template.
+ What about Privacy and GDPR ?

We strongly adhere to the main GDPR principle: Privacy By Design

  • We collect information as little as possible to run our service.
  • Did you notice? You didn't accept any coockie banner in this marketing site because there's no need to.
  • The default end-point is 1000% GDPR compliant, the image is sent to the user (or service) directly. We cannot even see it.