the modern way.

Your personal trainer that helps you presenting great!

Content First!

PRESENTA enables the content-first principle.

Instead of starting positioning elements on the canvas, it's better writing great contents first.

This seems obvious but the current status-quo of the presentation tools forces people the other way around.

The best way to exploit PRESENTA is by starting with a solid message.

feature 1

Set the Look&Feel in seconds

Pushing pixels is time-consuming.

Use your time to write and structure valuable contents instead of moving elements on the screen.

PRESENTA comes with a set of sensible defaults with quick options to meet your style.

feature 2

Enforce best practices

PRESENTA limits purposely what you can do and don't on a slide. It forces you to put only the relevant materials that can boost your communication.

Embracing its constraints is the best way to enhancing presentation contents.

feature 3

Harness the web!

Internet is full of fresh, live and interactive contents.

PRESENTA doesn't want to reinvent wheels. It's better using other tools for specific tasks and outcomes.

Let's embed them!

feature 4