the modern way.

Content first!

What do you mean?
Structure your speech before you start playing with colors.

Starting from the look of a template you like makes no communication sense. No wonder you end up frustrated!

PRESENTA shifts the process because it makes creating, defining and adding content the first step in the process.

Constraints help

With best practices embedded in PRESENTA's structure, you can't go wrong.

Visually shaping information so it is clear and effective is hard! Designers and public speaking gurus make it look easy because they know the rules of the game.

PRESENTA takes those rules and makes following them your only option, sparing you the guesswork and automatically steering you in the right direction.

Sensible defaults

This is the most excited you'll ever be about formatting.

We've all been there: too many choices – fonts, colors, size, and more! – can be daunting.

PRESENTA comes with a set of defaults and options to refine the look and feel of your presentations in seconds. It's efficient, fun, done.