Use Cases

Learn what you can do with PRESENTA!

Open-Graph Images

Generate Social Share Preview automatically.

Let PRESENTA Cloud API to generate automatically the social preview image for each web page of your website or blog.

QRCode Generation

Add QRCodes to any Custom Templates.

Generate fully functional QR-Codes dynamically at scale for any occasions. Create coupons, tickets or badges with one click using the API endpoint of a CSV file as well.

Quote Cards

Generate Beautiful Quotes for scheduled Media campaigns.

Beautiful and Graphical Quote Images for your Media campaigns. Generate them from a list of sentences in a CSV file or using our API endpoint for automatic integration.

Meme Generation

Generate Personalized Memes upon User interaction.

Engage users with personalized meme generated on user 'Following', 'Reply' or 'Comment' interaction.

Course Certificates

Generate Certificates for courses and other achievements.

Personalize custom Certificate templates with your data. You can generate them also in bulk using a CSV file.

Coming Soon! Complex Documents

Reports, Catalogs, Invoices, Contracts and more.

Coming soon, but we're working hard to make it happen! Stay tuned!

Coming Soon! Real-Time graphics

Images with fresh data backed in, generated just-in-time.

Coming soon, but we're working hard to make it happen! Stay tuned!