This is our public Platform heartbeat so you can see what's going on as well as our commitment.

15th January

  • Editor: We’ve added a first version of GPT-3 prompt into the Editor
  • Editor: We’ve added the Figma Update function to update automatically the template

18th December

  • API: We’ve added back the QRCode block.
  • Wordpress: We’ve updated the Wordpress Open Graph plugin adding fixes and new templates

12th December

28th November

  • Editor: Added the Coupon functionality
  • Editor: Added the Script panel
  • API: Added dayjs and lodash libraries included in the engine for scripting purposes
  • Website: Updated the FAQ in Pricing page

25th October

  • Editor: The sign-up access point has beed released as public.
  • Editor: We enforced the Figma importer as the only way to create a Figma

18th September

  • API: We’ve moved the API Rendering server from Render to EvenNode.
  • Website: Home page updated to reflect better the offering.

12th July, 2022

  • API: The database has been moved from Heroku to DigitalOcean.
  • Website: Small changes in pricing page.

4th June, 2022

  • Editor: Our Figma plugin is ready. We’re rolling out within the Platform. Stay tuned!

2nd May, 2022

  • API: We’ve moved also our editor backend from Heroku to Render.
  • Website: We’ve added the landing page for our upcoming WordPress Plugin that allows easy integration with our platform.
  • Website: We published a first of a serie of blog posts about some future features.
  • Website: We published the initial version of the about page.

12th April, 2022

  • Editor: Our Figma plugin is going great and we’re currently using it to produce free templates.
  • Website: We are publishing news on our Social Media channels, Linkedin and Twitter. Follow Us!

4th April, 2022

  • Tools: We’ve released ReactWithImage Twitter Bot that is able to generate on the fly images and publish a tweet just replying with @ReactWithImage handle.

28st March, 2022

  • API: We’ve added more templating interpolation capabilities. More in the upcoming documentation.
  • Website: We are working for a little Free Twitter Bot that uses PRESENTA Platform to create an interesting Twitter interaction.

21st March, 2022

  • Website: Removed the Stripe fee from the Pricing since we deduce it in any situation.
  • API: More optimization that should gain more the responce time during high concurrency.
  • Editor: We are refining the UI for the upcoming public soft access of our tool.
  • Editor: We are testing the alpha version of our private Figma plugin.

14th March, 2022

  • API: We optimized the pipeline in the API infrastructure. This change allow to use more bigger templates and at the same time gain more performance in the request. It’s a win-win.
  • API: We’ve added Handlebars templating system in any PRESENTA blocks, thus, you can create more smart templates that required more specific data leaving in the template itself the repeating suff.
  • Editor: The work in progress of the Figma importer is still in progress
  • Editor: Some simplification in the UI for users with Free Plan.
  • Editor: We are integrating the Template section within the Visual Editor.
  • Website: We’ve started to post news on our official Social Media channels, Linkedin and Twitter. Follow Us!

7th March, 2022

  • API: We moved the whole API application to Render service which allows to set the auto-scaler easier.

28th February, 2022

  • Editor: Small enhancements in the UI of the editor
  • Editor: Work in progress of the Figma importer
  • Open Source: The library has been updated to v1.0.23.

21st February, 2022

  • API: We released a faster version of the infrastructure and we moved it to a dedicated domain ( for security reasons.
  • Website: Updated the API documentation to reflect the new changes.
  • Open Source: The library got some bug fixes and all the services got aligned accordingly.
  • Website: Added more Template as example capabilities.

14th February, 2022

  • API: Released in private beta a new API end-point to retrieve fresh generated documents as fast as possible. More info soon.
  • Website: Added a new entry in Tools.
  • Open Source: The library got some updates and all the services got updated accordingly.
  • Editor: Testing an early version of a plugin to include Tableau projects.
  • Website: Added another Certificate template in Templates and another category for misc use-cases.
  • Website:Added more competitor comparisons in the Blog section.

6th February, 2022

  • Website: Added Certificates in Use Cases
  • Website: Added the first Certificate template in Templates
  • API: Optimized some part of the API in order to gain its speed

31st Jannuary, 2022

  • Website: Added more ready to use Templates
  • Website: Added more Use Cases
  • API: Fixes issues of cache handling
  • Editor: Frame API configurator better preview

24th Jannuary, 2022

  • Website: Added more Use Cases
  • Website: Added the first version of Templates page
  • Website: Added the first post of the Blog section
  • API: Fixes issue on font rendering in some edge cases
  • Tools: Updated Github Since to latest API change

17th Jannuary, 2022

  • Editor: Frame API and Project API support external plugins
  • Editor: Added Dynamic Thumbnail Generation in Project list (of course using the PRESENTA API URL!)
  • Website: Use Cases page update with some examples
  • API: Fixes issues in CDN cache when using the API URL endpoint

10th Jannuary, 2022

3rd Jannuary, 2022

  • Cloud API: The API URL now is served by a CloudFlare Worker on the Edge! It means that it does scale!
  • Editor: The Frame API panel shows the warning if the Frame contains incompatible Blocks
  • Website: Added the Pricing page
  • Website: Added an early version of the Use Cases page

Since June 2020

Hundreds of updates not tracked publicly.