This is our public Platform heartbeat so you can see what's going on as well as our commitment.


  • Editor: Frame API and Project API support external plugins
  • Editor: Added Dynamic Thumbnail Generation in Project list (of course using the PRESENTA API URL!)
  • Website: Use Cases page update with some examples
  • API: Fixes issues in CDN cache when using the API URL endpoint



  • Cloud API: The API URL now is served by a CloudFlare Worker on the Edge! It means that it does scale!
  • Editor: The Frame API panel shows the warning if the Frame contains incompatible Blocks
  • Website: Added the Pricing page
  • Website: Added an early version of the Use Cases page
  • Website: Added an early version of the API Docs page

2020-06-01 - 2021-12-31

Hundreds of updates not tracked publicly.