Notify invited users of your SaaS with a personal and novel banner

posted on 5/16/2022, in tutorial

A common technique in SaaS world is to collecting emails of potential interested users before the tool is publicly available.

This is a smart move to create an initial batch of early adopters ready to be invited once the tool will be ready for them.

That day will come eventually and we’ll have to invite those users for an early signup, usually by means of a email campaign.

Engaging users in every possible communication is key for any marketing strategy. Let’s try to be creative in this very specific interaction point.

A personalized banner

Collecting emails usually is not enough. Most of the time, alongside the email, we ask, at least,for name and surname.

Let’s try to use those information in a creative and nice way.

Design the banner

We start with a screenshot of a checkbox list. We want to inform the user that they have been selected for early signups.

Test it

The Text Block element is the only dynamic element in the template that will be filled with the firstname and lastname of the user:

The dynamic tags

In this example we’ll use Mailchimp as an email sender for our campaign, but any modern email senders has the possibility to add dynamic tags (merge-tags in Mailchimp lingo):

The email integration

Since the banner is just an URL, you can easily integrate in any email editor:

The result

From now on, it’s just a regular email campaign, here the result:


PRESENTA integrates nicely with any marketing and communication tools since it provides just an URL for your personalized campaigns.