Newsletter Personalization

posted on 1/2/2023, in features

To add a personal touch to commercial email, there isn’t a better way than adding an engaging image that looks designed for every specific user.

With PRESENTA, you can design and configure a dynamic image that gets rendered on-the-fly when a specific person open her own email. The image can be personalized with some parameters, parameters that come from your audience database, that you can pass alongside the image URL.

Usually, a newsletter is sent by specialised tools such as MailChimp or MailJet.

If you’re using other tools, don’t worry, almost any newsletter tools out there are compatible as well. The only requirements are:

  • Support for merge-tags (or dynamic tags)
  • Support for basic HTML snippet or IMG tag

Create a dynamic image for a newsletter

The first step is to design the template. You can use Figma (and use its incredible community resources) to do it. There’s a quick guide on how to do it properly.

Let’s find some inspiration from the Figma community:

After picked the template we like the most, let’s adapt a little bit for our idea. The most important part is not to forget to add a parameter that will be used for the personalization:

The next step is to import the Figma template into PRESENTA. There is a 1-click converter that does the job, just put the Figma Frame URL and you’re done:

Now we can preview the template in PRESENTA. If everything is as expected, we can move on and publish it as dynamic URL, using the relative button:

Once published, we can test the dynamic template in the testing panel. All the parameters should be visible and editable in that panel:

Now, the template is ready to be integrated into the newsletter tool.

Before that, we need to specify the dynamic tags that will be transformed info real information, such as name or company from the newsletter tool.

In MailChimp they are called Merge-Tags (such as *|FNAME|*), in MaiJet are Variables (such as [[data.firstname]]), in other tools they might have different names, in any case, we need to map every dynamic tag with existing PRESENTA parameters:

Time to grab the image URL to move on to the newsletter tool:

In the newsletter tool (MailChimp in this case) we integrate the dynamic image URL copied from PRESENTA using the HTML block:

In case you’re using MailJet instead, here the equivalent integration with its own Merge-Tag syntax:

That’s all. Now, all the people that will receive and open their email will get a personalized, on-the-fly generated image!