How to use ChatGPT to create text variations of social media posts for automation purposes

posted on 12/18/2022, in tutorial

Our Twitter bot is configured to publishing social media post automatically in order to advertising our Figma Open-Graph templates used by our Wordpress plugin.

There are currently 20 templates, so we wanted to create 20 tweets variations and let the bot publishing them on a specific interval of time.

The image variations are easy because PRESENTA platform is designed for doing specifically that task.

We need also a text variation because 20 post with the same text is not great.

Entering ChatGPT

We think ChatGPT doesn’t need any introduction since it was a blast.

This is how we used it to create 20 variations of a given sentence in seconds.

We’ve prompt the following text:

Write 20 variations of this sentence: Free Open Graph template for effective social sharing

And here the magic:

and here one of the published tweet:

We believe automation and generated content with a personalized touch will be the future of marketing communication. Of course novel and brilliant ideas are required, that’s the human job.