posted on 1/11/2023, in exploration

We started to integrate GPT-3 from OpenAI into PRESENTA because we believe that Automation and Personalization will be the future of a big part of online communication.

PRESENTA is able to generate media assets (images) on-the-fly using a wide array of information in real-time.

GPT-3 is a Text-to-Text generation AI model we can use to create information out of simple human-written questions.

This opens up a wide array of possibilities in image generation field.

Today we’ve integrated GPT-3 Davinci-003 Model into PRESENTA:

In this example GPT-3 generates a famous quote alongside its author and a color. PRESENTA then uses these information to produce an-always-different image on-the-fly, ready to be published somewhere.

We’ll continue to experiment with edge technologies in PRESENTA making more proof-of-concept out there.

Stay tuned!