posted on 9/16/2019, in core

We, at PRESENTA, do believe that presentations can be built differently.

More then 30 years ago PowerPoint set the bar about how presentation documents should be crafted.

After 30 years we still move objects on canvas to create documents to support our communication needs.

Nowadays, after a huge amount of insights about how people create, experience and share presentations with the main purpose of communicating, we are in a position to envision different ways to build decks, ways that are more effective, efficient and fun as well.

It's a long ride and this first (beta) version of our vision is not even close to what it's right and what it will look like in the end.

In the meantime, we try our best, listening to the users, trying to learn and innovate, bit by bit.

We are truly open to suggestions and critiques, as we did during the early private-beta phase, and we'll continue to do the same.

We already do know we'll make a lot of mistakes … but we'll follow the mantra:

listen, learn, adjust, repeat.