Free Open Graph Preview Image for Website Articles

posted on 4/5/2022, in template

This is a free to use and modern dynamic social preview image for generic website posts.

A social preview image is an important component of any marketing strategy. People are used to share contents on social media platforms, and the preview of the content is key to maximize audience engagement.

By not having this feature correctly set here the result when you try to share a specific website or article:

While most publishing platform, such as Wordpress, allows to set an image for each article, such this example:

It’s still not ideal since it’s quite generic.

By using this a PRESENTA dynamic template, you are adding in-context preview to your audience without even thinking about.

The process of image generation is completely automatic. Once you’ll add the template URL into your open-graph tag, every time someone share your content, a in-context graphic image will be used.

Just put this URL in your Open-Graph tags alongside the custom parameters and you’ll get your personalized social preview image in seconds:

dynamic social preview image

Parameters you can use:

Field Type
title Text
subtitle Text
image URL
color Color

Here the template with the following custom parameters: Open Graph Preview Image for Website Articles&subtitle=Released at 5th April, 2022&image=