Figma Update Button

posted on 1/10/2023, in learn

We’re excited to release one of the most requested feature in our PRESENTA platform: the ability to update the template without re-importing it from Figma.

PRESENTA allows to create templates from Figma. Our converter takes a Figma Frame (using the Figma API) and converts it as PRESENTA template in seconds. You can learn more about it here.

Before today, if you edit the Figma document, you had to re-import the Figma Frame in a new PRESENTA document. That didn’t scale very well for fast quick iterations on templates.

From now on, any PRESENTA template has a nice button to update from the linked Figma document. By pressing it, after a few seconds, your PRESENTA template will be updated automatically:

This way you can continue to refine of change in later time your templates easily.

By updating a template you still need to explicitly publish again the API/URL. This way if the import update went wrong , the published template won’t be affected.