Youtube integration and playback control

posted on 3/5/2020, in howto

In previous versions of PRESENTA, the only way to include Youtube videos was by using the Embed module.

While it’s still a working route, it has some usability issues.

Starting from the version 1.0, a Youtube video can be included using its dedicated module that adds improvements in the following areas:

  • a faster inclusion, just pasting the video URL, thus, you don’t need to dig the embed code up
  • an easier playback control, using the keyboard, a more natural approach than clicking the video controls
  • a definive fix for the focus issue with embeds

By using this module you can continue to benefit the capability of the embed code:

  • you can use unlisted (meaning private) videos in your presentations
  • Youtube videos will be ‘printed’ in the PDF document out of the box alongside its link