Who is PRESENTA for?

posted on 9/18/2019, in core

Anyone working in the product design industry knows very well that any product must have well defined personas because it's simply not possible to meet the needs of everybody with one single solution.

PRESENTA is no exception.

So, the question is, who's the target of PRESENTA?

Since it advertises itself as a personal designer that takes some decision for you, it's quite obvious to answer the opposite question: who is not PRESENTA for?

Everybody that usually want to refine in detail every single element of their presentation is NOT going to benefit PRESENTA capability. Even worse, the same people are going to have real struggles because PRESENTA limits purposely a wide range of "creative" possibilities.

Designers and artists want to be distinguished from others in order to be unique even in the context of their deck' documents.

There is nothing wrong with that, simply PRESENTA is not the right tool for them, plain and simple. We're cool with that. They are much more comfortable to work with popular tools that allow total freedom (but also require visual skills and time).

But if you are someone that:

  • cares about the presentation quality but doesn't want (or don't have time) to learn graphic design.
  • cares about time mostly, and want a professional deck quickly, without worrying about splitting hairs.
  • cares about content, information and message first, conveyed through a presentation document eventually.
  • prefers efficiency over customization because "good enough" over "perfect" might be ok in your context or for your purpose.

In that case, give a spin to PRESENTA and let us know! We listen to you.