Using Markdown in PRESENTA

posted on 3/4/2020, in howto

PRESENTA understands a bit of markdown.

There are two ways to exploit it when working on a presentation.

  • in the text editor, by writing a subset of markdown
  • drag&drop a markdown file in the presentation list (file that uses the same markdown subset and --- to separate slides)

The markdown subset

Here what PRESENTA converts properly to its internal format:

  • # heading: creates a main heading block
  • ## heading: creates a less important heading block
  • simply writing: creates paragraphs
  • - item: creates an unordered list
  • 1. item: creates an ordered list
  • > quote: creates a quote

Drop a .md file

By using the above subset with --- to separate slide, an .md file can be converted in a presentation with drag&drop in presentation list: