The real audience of PRESENTA

posted on 11/20/2019, in core

PRESENTA wants to be different. Different from the so-called "professional" tools to create presentations. We all know those tools. We think also they are pretty good.

If you have experience in creating presentations with Powerpoint / Keynote we can feel your thoughts and possibly you are not part of the real audience of PRESENTA.

PRESENTA, in its core values, want to unlock unexpected creativity to people think themself not as creatives. In other words, PRESENTA wants to transform anyone in better communicators because we, as a human being, need to communicate since always.

The PRESENTA strategy is simple: it tries to remove as much as possible unneeded features and, at the same time, provides some constraints that can enforce best practices in communication.

We believe that constraints can foster and breed creativity, thus, this is the main intent of PRESENTA:

transform YOU in a better communicator

This article explains better some of those concepts.