The no-bullshit principle

posted on 12/23/2019, in core

Artificial Intelligence (AI), besides being a great tech, is a buzzword.

When there’s a buzzword around, companies tend to use it to provide a better picture of their product/service.

In other words, they want to fool us a little bit.

AI is no exception and we can see tools out there advertising their magnificent incorporated intelligent technology and how it can help the end-users.

There are even some presentation tools that claim they use AI to make effective presentations. To be fair, it does require 30 seconds to understand that said AI is just bullshit.

What they call AI is actually a shuffle between a bunch of hand-made presets. That’s it.

PRESENTA follows some principles (that eventually will be drafted in a Manifesto post) and one of those is:

The no-bullshit principle

Meaning, we don’t want to fool the users with some buzzwords that made the product smart and innovative (and actually is not). We don’t want doctoring features for the shake of an actual trend. In simple terms, we don’t want to tell you bullshits.

The time PRESENTA will incorporate AI capabilities it will be real AI for a real requirement.

Right now, PRESENTA is a tool (slowly) creafted with care with the aim to be useful for real without fooling anyone.