The boundaries of PRESENTA

posted on 10/1/2019, in core

PRESENTA exists because of a dream. It wants to be a tool to:

help people presenting great.

But that simple principle involves a tremendous amount of rethinking about how a tool can facilitate that outcome.

We believe in the less-is-more principle, therefore, removing is way more helpful than adding possibilities. The balance between what you can do and don't is the real challenge.

Adding content

PRESENTA, now in public beta, offers a way to add only three types of contents:

  • Text blocks
  • Images
  • Embedded web objects

You can combine the text with the images and the embeds using some layout options. Text cannot be dense nor lengthy. You are forced to be concise, you are encouraged to put only the core elements to represent your message or your story.

In PRESENTA each slide serves a specific purpose, which is about representing a concept that you are going to describe to your audience.

Text blocks

A text in PRESENTA can be formatted with a subset of typical options. Having hundreds of text possibilities is not relevant when conveying a message. We think the actual options are enough for many communication purposes.


You can add one or multiple images that are laying out automatically. There will be more options on that because now is very limited.

Embedded web objects

You can add external embed objects (let's say, a Youtube video is an embed) that are handled the same way as an image. In the future, there will be some built-in objects to solve specific needs (for instance, charts).

The battle

The real battle is happening in the design phase (which is never done), the decisions that shape the meaning of the tool.

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