Display interactive charts in PRESENTA

posted on 11/14/2019, in how-to

Showing data and charts in a presentation is a good way to convey bold messages to an audience.

Charts, when appropriate in a given context, act as meaningful images. They are powerful.

Let's use Datawrapper

PRESENTA doesn't have internal tools to build charts yet, but we can use some external services!

Datawrapper is a wonderful (free and premium) online service that let you configure interactive charts with ease. If you have some data, with Datawrapper you can get a meaningful visual representation of them with interactive capabilities.

PRESENTA allows embedding external resources and a Datawrapper chart makes no exception.

It's just a matter of copying the embed code from your Datawrapper chart:

Then, include it in PRESENTA:

You can preview it by selecting its slide, adjusting also the background color and padding as well:

And you can present interacting with it during your presentation:

You can only imagine how powerful your speech can be with such capability!